Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Export options... very crucial aspect of any time clock system

When deciding on what time clock system to implement at your company, one of the key areas to properly evaluate is the system's ability to export the time data to a file that is usable with your current pay roll system.  When you do pay roll in-house or you send it out to a third party company, having an export will save you many hours at the end of the pay period.

Let me paint the picture...

Let's say your company uses ADP for pay roll.  If you purchase a system without a ADP export, you will need to manually translate the time data of your employees at the end of each pay period.  Depending on the size of your company, this may amount to several hours of additional work per pay period.  However, if you chose a system that already has a ADP export - it could eliminate this extra work.  Where you can generate an export that simply can be imported into your ADP system.

With a ADP export - with a few mouse clicks - your time data can simply be imported.  A huge time saver for companies that have over 50+ employees.

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