Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Daylight savings.. something to take into consideration

Many time clock systems have some way of handling daylight savings.  If you live in a state that follows daylight savings, you want to make sure your time clock system handles this properly.  Some do it better than others.

Typically, with daylight savings, your time clocks should "spring forward" 1 hour in the spring time and "fall back" 1 hour in the fall.  However, there is another consideration to be mindful of.  What should happen to the hours calculation if you have employees that work the graveyard shift?  Let me describe a scenario.

Let's say an employee comes in on Saturday at 11pm and typically works until 7am.  So their clock in occurs at 11pm.  In the Spring, the time will go forward 1 hour around 2am or so.  So, when the employee clocks out at 7am, the clock will show 8am.  If your software doesn't account for this properly, the employee will get paid a total of 9 hours for this day (assuming no lunch period).

Make sure the system that you use is smart enough to know to subtract 1 hour in this situation.  Some systems do this properly.  Some do not.

If your company doesn't have employees that work overnight, then no worries.

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