Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Emailing reports... not all systems have this feature

Is the ability to email reports important to your company?  The ability to email a PDF version of a report is sometimes an important requirement to users of a time clock system.  However, make sure to check if this is a feature.  Some systems simply don't have the ability to email reports and it's good to clarify if this is a feature or not.

Some systems not only have the ability to email a PDF version of the report generated, but have tools that can be setup to automate emailing of the reports most used.  For example, you can schedule a timecard report to be run, for the last pay period, for all employees - emailed to particular email accounts on the Friday at 4pm.  This automation allows you to have the system trim down the amount of work that the supervisors have to perform within the software.

Make sure to also ask how the emailing works.  Some systems require a mail server or an email client such as outlook.  If your company is using a web-based email server (such as gmail), many systems can't integrate with a web-based provider.

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