Thursday, June 5, 2014

Saving reports... What file formats are possible?

When saving reports, it is useful to be able to save to various file formats.  When you run a timecard report for your employees, it is often times necessary to be able to save the file to a specific file format.

When sourcing for the right time clock system, make sure the system can save to the file formats that you and your company expect to use.  For example, many people like to be able to save to PDF format.  This particular format is easy to open and also easy to email.  Plus, most people have the required software to open this particular format.

It is also useful to be able to save to TXT format.  This allows the individual to be able to open up the file and possibly see the data in organized columns.

What your particular needs are for file formats will depend on what you plan on doing with the file after it has been saved.  Prior to purchasing a system, get feedback from the supervisors who will be using the software and get their input on what file formats are wanted.

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